• Planet shape: Round, Huge, 50,440 mile radius
  • Amber Relevant Time: 3x
  • Tech Level: High
  • Magic: High
  • Dominant Species: Humans with infinite lifespan. (Not immortal, just never aging)

General Information:

The world of Marr is home to scifi and fantasy alike. Ranging from sectors of swords to plasma beams. The two live in conjunction with each other, though some parts of the world trend towards either extreme.

In old days before the War of Change, all beings born on Marr were placed in society by their birthmark.


  • Dragon – Ruling Cast, mages and tech bearers.
  • Tiger – Tech Cast serving as army to the Dragon cast.
  • Wolf – Magic Cast serving as army to the Dragon cast.
  • Ape – Inventors, serving the Dragon cast.
  • Cat – Workers.
  • Bird – Workers.
  • Worm – Slaves
  • Maggot – Slaves

However, all that changed when Selfeen and Naxximurutish started the War of Change. After three years the world of Marr would never be the same. Marks determining how one was viewed in society was abolished, and nearly all of the Dragon, Tiger, and Wolf marks were killed.

Years later, peace reigns on Marr under the rule of Empress President Selfeen. Guilds have formed where merit determines one’s place and worth. While old grudges still exist, there are few left alive who bare ill will towards the old marks.

There is still conflict, guilds rising against other guilds, but no longer are people judged from birth on what they can accomplish and who they can become.


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