Hello, and welcome to the Defiance!
Be you cargo or crew?

Hah! That’s just a little pirate humor, don’t mind it. I’m Arthur, the master gunner aboard this fine ship, and I’ll be the one showing you about. She’s a beautiful ship, and no doubt about it! But she’s built for speed and combat, she’s no luxury boat. So you’ll find the deck space is a bit sparse, and your cabin a mite smaller than you might be used to having. Once you’re used to that, there’s no finer way to travel. The Captain says you’re coming aboard for possibly a good while, and So we’ll all have time to get to know each other well.


You’ve seen the outside of our ship, sure, but have you gotten the tour? We’ll start with the essentials. The Defiance is a little over three hundred feet from bow to stern, and she’s equipped with a variety of ways to ply the skies. We’ve sails we can extend from those fins you see, and the cones you noticed in the stern deploy propellers. We even have a sorcerous method of propulsion for shadows that require it, but that’s always a bit tricky to use, as no one aboard knows exactly how it works.

We’re well set to sail just about any shadow’s skies though, and don’t worry, even if we’re nearly becalmed in some strange shadow, we’ve got a secret component to the old lady in the hold that keeps her aloft. You can sleep sound knowing we won’t pitch out of the sky, no matter what shadow we’re in!


Now we come to the part of the ship you’re probably most interested in, other than how big that cabin of yours is going to be. The bar has everything you could want, from a hundred different shadows. Really, try us.

It’s also a good place to get acquainted with some of the crew. Sitting at the table there is Berta, the Quartermaster, and the one in charge when the Captain isn’t on the ship. Don’t let the high-class demeanor fool ya, she’s every bit ruthless enough to keep these sky-dogs in line.

Up at the bar with the mechanical pet is Theresa, our Sky-Mistress. That means she’s our navigator, and a bit of a brain to boot, considering she has to plot routes across shadows.!

Finally at that booth we have Viola and Edgar. They’re…. musicians. Yes, they perform for us. Not right now though. You’ll see them perform later, mayhap. If you’re especially lucky, or unlucky.

Anyway, I’ll leave ya to enjoy the bar and get settled in. If you need something, come find me, I’ll be seeing to the guns down below.



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