The Crimson Crown

What came before

Rough Game notes

Chapter 1: Winter Wine
Sessions 1-2

The Scions depart Amber for Regnum

• Gryphon’s Eyrie
• Patchwork King
• Saul
• Statues
• Woman imprisoned between worlds

They arrive in Regnum and are welcomed by Imperator Bleys

• Meet Ariston, Corynne, Judoc, Amelia and Shaye
• Corynne poisoned by Winter Wine.
• Selfeen and Julessia nearly die on the pattern
• Vision of the storm lords keep

The Gate to winter

• Besieged by the Dead King’s forces
• Keep ransacked
• Winter wine and the gate to winter beneath the keep
• Someone sleeping within the pool of winter (Jack)
• Keep ruled by siblings Marissa and Rodrick and their ward Emily. (Storm Lords)

Chapter 2: The Dead King
Sessions 3-4

• The cursed Iron Crown
• The dead rise
• Ruled by the Dead King
• Infiltration ends with flight upon the airship
• Ravens

• Minotaurs!
• Meet with Princess Fiona beneath the sea
• Patches can grant ascension
• Mermaid and Minotaurs recruited for ship
• Bet over who can claim the Iron crown frist

Pelidan (Again)
• Raid to steal the Iron Crown
• Great Ravens
• Hector wins the bet
• Naxx and Ginns attempt to conquer the kingdom
• Great Ravens vs intelligent vultures
• Undead bard Taliesin left in charge of the ruins

Other Notes:
• Trump to Brand activated, Brand appeared trapped (Hector)
• Astrid expresses interest in the Tomb of Atlas
• The Iron Crown can only be stolen, bonds severed by Grayswandir
• Crown remains in Hector’s ship
• Kether keeps trumping self
• Clara went off on her own, captured Wolf King
• Judoc is a dick, has Werewindle
• Amelia and Judoc seem very close
• Fiona seems to dislike Hector’s brawling
• Shaye wants an airship

Chapter 3: The Beggar Queen
Session 5

Emerys arrives
• Gryphon’s Eyrie
• Marco son of Eric comes along
• Trumps to Regnum
• Cathedral of the Unicorn being built
• Shaye and Hector playing racquetball in the palace
• Departing to Carem in the wake of vandalism

Carem (Part 1)
• Bar brawl turns into a bloody massacre
• Shaye goes missing
• Beggar Queen, silver swan firebombing
• Poor quarter burns
• Bargain to return Shaye, gate of Spring
• Depart Carem
• Bleys demands dinner attendance

Carem (Part 2)
• Destroyed Iron Crown?
• Sneak into Carem, meet merchant family
• Kidnap Beggar Queen at the races

Gate of Spring
• Locked, Beggar queen teleports to retrieve key
• Hector is to bring her to Regnum
• Gate is within a hollowed out giant tree that once had a city
• Tree has fallen
• Lightning swamp on the other side
• Hector hailed as royalty by dinosaur riding frog people
• Frog people capture and exploit lizard men

Other Notes

  • Shaye’s imprisonment was strange and possibly fake
  • Vidar has been imprisoned by Bleys for his failure to capture the wolf king
  • Beggar queen former ally of Bleys?
  • Naxx and Ginns left this session
  • Astrid was elsewhere


Reading this was like reading a journal entry written while on drugs. o_O

What came before

Yeah ^^ I was making notes for myself and thought Is share them!

What came before
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