The Crimson Crown


Recovery and preparations

The Defiance is resupplied and prepared for its next expedition. In addition to the resupply it has been furnished with maps of the major Silver Lattice kingdoms and paths, as well as many more minor shadows. Shaye has expressed interest in traveling on The Defiance when it departs.

Corynne‘s recovery under Astrid’s attention is coming along well. She has regained mobility and has attended several functions, however her temperature is still unnaturally low.

Several hundred soldiers lead by Judoc have been assembled and marched north to Pelidan and the Winter Kingdoms.

Word has come that the capital of Bylunia has fallen; the expeditionary force’s success is marred by the escape of the Wolf King. The imperator has recalled Vidar and sent Ariston to replace him in the Autumn Kingdoms.

NPC Statuses

  • Clara— There has been no word of Clara since her departure.
  • Edric— The Grand Knight of the Unicorn has begun selecting an appropriate site for a shrine to the Unicorn.
  • Jeffrey— Besides assisting Astrid with her work, Jeffrey has attempted to make himself useful: running messages, et cetera. Somehow he has still found time to socialize with Julessia.
  • Julessia— The effects of the pattern have left Julessia weakened. She blames herself for what happened to Selfeen. She rarely leaves her chambers, except when coaxed out.
  • Lynette— Seen to be very approachable by the courtiers of Regnum, she has been fielding many questions about the Amberites and has found herself invited to many a gathering.
  • Malcolm— After finding that his titles were meaningless, and that he held little interest to Genevieve, he volunteered his services to Princeps Ariston and departed with him to Bylunnia.
  • Myrna— She has settled into Regnum, attempting to be of assistance to Astrid with Corryne.
  • Reynard— It did not take very long for Reynard to be banished from the palace proper; he is currently residing within the city.
  • Saul— As a recent Ascendant, Saul is quite popular in Regnum, and like Lynette he has found himself of great interest to the lesser nobility.
  • Selfeen— Still recovering within shadow, she is adjusting to her new nanite-grown flesh.
  • Tau— It has been made very clear that Tau is not welcome within the palace. His claiming an upper city garden for himself has caused consternation amongst the servants.


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