The bitter blades man


The son of the traitor. That is who I am, and nobody has ever allowed me to forget it. And since he is gone, clearly I am to blame. The deaths of Dierdre, Corwin, and even Eric are lain at my feet. They don’t say anything, but I can see it in their eyes, the cold greetings. The derisive way they speak my name.

Well fuck them all. All of them except Bleys. When I was spilling my blood for their worthless kingdom he offered me a way out. A place in his court at Regnum. The man killed my father, and yet is the only one who ever offered me any decency. Which is more than Brand ever did.

I have heard there are new Amberites coming to Regnum. Fleeing the war their parents failed to win. Some of them I remember of old, I wonder if they expect a better welcome than they gave me?



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