Genevieve "Ginns"

Lion child of Julian.


A shock of short blue hair, tendrils tied back in braids and various feathers from birds of prey… Ginns is an extremely beguiling creation. She stands at a strong 6’, her figure lean muscled with freckled tan skin. Her attire boasts of skillful camouflage and ease of movement – with hardened leather armor and extremely sensible shoes.

Ginns can be seen frequently walking alongside her lion-like companion, Tau. He’s frightfully large, with the tip of his head hitting 6’2" easily… not even standing upright. He’s large enough to ride, which he allows her to do. His head is equipped with massive, sharp horns. Just another weapon in his arsenal of jaws, claws, and speed.

Age: 63
Heraldry: A black and white background with blue rampant lion.
Colors: Blue, black and white.


They knew her steps, they knew her sigh,
They were comforted by her scent wafting by,
these creatures that heard her call like the wild.

Bizarre beginnings in many olden land,
where wanderlust grew without plan.
Taming the unyielding, feral turned mild.

She raised lions like lambs.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Genevieve was told she was to be a great princess all of her childhood.
Dress this way. Learn this. Sit here. Don’t say that. Eat this.

She grew up in a feudal monarchy shadow world called Andoburg – learning all that a young princess does for the few years before her father thought it was time. Etiquette, piano, drawing, religious texts. horseback riding, languages. There wasn’t much that Genevieve didn’t immediately grasp. It all came so easily to her; Even convincing her mother, Farrah, to let her learn swordplay, jousting, and sitting in on military stratagems. What could stop her? She was the strongest, smartest, quickest out of all her peers. Being the only Amberite had it’s advantages, leaving her with a high sense of skill and overt pride at the age of 11.

Julian visited her world on that eleventh birthday – under a simple guise of celebration. Already Chaos had begun to threaten, the plots of those in power spreading out their webs. It interested him to find that his young daughter seemed exceptional – she raced along with other children at speeds faster than even some of his siblings, and his horse Morgenstern took to her immediately. Her mind and body seemed strong and resilient. Was it too dangerous to do this, Julian wondered…

Genevieve was taken to Amber that night, quietly sitting in front of her father on top of his huge behemoth of a horse. She normally would ask a million questions, but his stern demeanor sparked an unusually high level of obedience. He told her of Amber, her uncles and aunts, her birth right. “Of course,” she thought. “I’m not like anyone else.. mother… Petyr, or any of the other children… even Captain Emmett seemed afraid of me.”

She walked the Pattern at 11. Unusually young. One of the last pieces of information that Julian offered her had been that she was not an only child…. She was to go spend time with Naxx and learn to walk shadows – out of all his relatives, Julian thought it best to keep his young and vulnerable child with her sibling. Genevieve soon adopted the name Ginns, an affectionate nickname her brother bestowed upon her.

Ginns learned to walk Shadows and experience the different wonders of how time moved, what Trumps were, what vast and varying creatures existed throughout. She spent years learning all that she could. It was never enough. Each new world offered her opportunities to expand her mind! This world had medicine far beyond any that she had experienced. This world was a vast wasteland devoid of most signs of life. This world was full of machines that were nearly human. So many wonderful places to explore, however with each passing year the encounters with Chaos increased.

It was at 29 that one of these encounters would change her direction.

Ginns had found a Shadow world that was now dominated by a race of sapient lion-like creatures (known as Panox) with huge intimidating horns. The creatures stalked in the shadows, avoiding the lone human. A human face that filled their hearts with dreaded memories of the old god, Baricos.

Manticora had wandered shadow world mountains, even close to Amber itself. Naxx had told her they existed and were to be avoided. Fearfully large feline-like creatures with a human face, scorpion tail, and wings. Avoid this part and all you do is bring yourself into the path of another equal in its destruction. It was said that none equaled Baricos – perhaps they all stemmed from Him, perhaps not.. the story was so ancient that none really knew. What they did know was that Baricos had nearly exterminated all of the Panox. A whole army of Amber could fall to this creature in his zenith. Uncountable years passed, and as such happens with ancient beings, power begins to fade… the Panox began to breed again, their species becoming strong and dominant. Baricos retreated as a horror myth haunting a far off cavern.

Following fresh and unusual tracks, Ginns crept into Baricos’ cavern. A menacing 30 ft long creature slept there, surrounded by rotting carcasses and long aged bones. Graying fur, weakened muscles, and form devoid of luster breathed rhythmically in it’s slumber. It was no accident that the tracks intrigued her, for the power this creature emanated was like so strong and so familiar. It felt to her like something of the Pattern, or Amber, or perhaps even something of Chaos. Retreating into relative safety, she Trumped her father to tell him of all that she’d seen. Immediately Julian was pulled through as the dusk fell upon the Shadow. It was clear to both of them that something existed here which they were to conquer. Devising a plan that played to the cleverness of Ginn and the deadliness of Julian, the two took advantage of a surprise attack that left Baricos wounded fatally. He lashed and growled, speaking in a human tongue the words of hate and obscenities. Nevertheless, the ancient one passed.

The heart of Baricos, along with his talons, were removed at the instruction of Julian. He quickly bundled them and returned to Amber, instructing his daughter to return to the safety of Naxx’s Shadow world. Ginns nodded obediently, but as she prepared the Trump, a stifled cry called out from a twist in the cavern. A young Panox cub was hidden behind a mound of rotting flesh that perhaps had once been his parents. She carefully reached out to it, cleaning off the debris and warming up the shaking creature in her own clothing. It’s knowing eyes looked up at Ginns with growing gratitude mingled with the start of attachment. She had seen none like him, except as corpses. The fear that Ginns was related to the Manticore had kept the large race hidden from her sight. What was left to do but bring this creature back with her? It was so young and frigtened, not to mention all skin and bones. A quick Trump to Naxx brought her back to Marr.

The young Panox cub was named Tau. Tau was shocking. He recovered abnormally quick and began to expand in size. None of that was as shocking as his ability to mimic human tongue, though. He learned and spoke in a growling voice with youthful eagerness. Months passed, with no word from their father as Ginns took on raising Tau. He was nearly the size of a pony when Julian’s Trump call reached her – once again on the day of her birth. Soon she was back in Amber, in her father’s chambers. A beautiful black and white marble box lay on the table, with a note marked ‘Genevieve’. Inside was a long white gold jewelry strand, large enough to fit like a belt. A small, dark vial sat like a charm in the middle, with white gold plated talons evenly spaced around the rest of the links. Julian told her it was a birthday gift – the talons of Baricos were dipped expertly in gold while his heart had been ground into a glittering onyx powder that seemed to catch the light like diamonds. Ginns quickly linked the jewelry around her hips, and hid it under her clothing as in instructed.

Such a gift did not come without a heavy burden – Julian had decided that such a powerful item should be used for the greater benefit of Amber. He could not be away from Amber and clearly Ginns had a strong affinity with the object.

Many hours passed as they discussed her assignment. Then many years passed as she began to act out his will. It was nearly 15 years that since she disappeared on her own, returning only to Marr to celebrate the arrival of her niece Julessia.

Ginns would return more often after that, bringing tamed animals to guard her family and presents of a miniature jaguar that was domesticated as a pet for her beloved niece. She had brought the young girl a small dragon that would never grow past 2 feet, but for some reason Jules never took to the animal.

The young princess of Andoburg grew steadfast and strong. Calm in her dominance, and precise in her actions. She watched with careful eyes and used a soft touch when needed. Tau grew to an immense size and remained her constant, loyal companion. What was it that Julian had told her to do in her lone journeys? What seeds had he begun to plant with his children?

Perhaps none of it matters now that her and her relatives were being ordered to Regnum. The war has failed. Ginns wrote in a journal, resting lazily against Tau:

“Tau and I will be traveling to Regnum shortly. My life’s work may soon become meaningless, but father says that keeping us alive means the most. At least I’ll have Tau, Naxx, and Jules. I’ve been given word that there is a particular prince from the Golden Circle lands that father has promised my hand to. So I shall lose my freedom, my work, and my own choice in love? No… these thoughts will betray me. Father knows best. I’ll try to remain civil with Prince Malcolm. I cannot promise my heart, however.”


Genevieve "Ginns"

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