Sassy Swordswoman and Surgeon


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From an early age Astrid always strove to be the best at whatever task was in front of her. Her penmanship was impeccable, she memorized all of the Golden Circle kingdoms and their nobles of note, and her pigtails were always even and never frizzy.

As she grew older, she continued to aim for perfection. She learned to sail like the saltiest oldest seadog from her father Gerard. She studied fighting techniques and battle strategy with her Uncle Benedict, and could often be found in the practice yard with her favorite cousin Lydia whom she had pestered and poked until she would participate in Astrid’s mock duels.

When Astrid was wounded in a battle with Chaos forces, her father demanded that she stay in Amber and out of the fighting for awhile. As she was lying in the hospital recuperating, she turned her perfectionist pursuits to medicine. Naturally that led to her becoming a very talented surgeon. She traveled throughout the Golden Circle treating patients before returning to the battlefield alternating her time between the field and the med tents.

Astrid took Lydia’s death hard. They had spent their early years together in shadow and were more like sisters than cousins. Deciding to turn her grief into something more useful, Astrid decided to focus her medical studies on mental illness and the effects of traumatic events.

She is very unhappy that her father is forcing her to go with the others to Regnum as she feels her talents would be useful in the war against Chaos. And she wants to strike back at those that tortured Lydia. Alas, she is no match for her father, so when Gerard says go, she will go. Albeit with a lot of arguing.


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