The Crimson Crown

Chapter 1 • Transition

In which the scions of Amber travel to Regnum

The Defiance departs from Amber using the power of the keystone and a mystical trump of Regnum’s pattern as the forces of Chaos lead by the serpent herself close in on the city. The trump brought them outside of shadow where the ship floated within what appeared to be two merging three-dimensional patterns. A larger-than-life blonde woman filled the emptiness on one side, imprisoned by chains black as sin.

The group arrived at the Gryphon’s Eyrie where they met the young adventurer Saul who was completing the quest for the eyrie. Hector and Genevieve also completed the trial. They met a strange, dangerous, and largely mad man who called himself Patches. He made several threats, and claimed he was the rightful king of Regnum, but was not actively hostile toward the party. In the clearing where they spoke were ancient stone statues depicting an older version of each Amberite who made the journey. Clara left the group rather than travel with Hector.

The group gathered supplies in a village in the somewhat backward kingdom of Bylunia. The “Wolf King” of Bylunia was in rebellion against Regnum and the capital city was under siege by Regnum’s expeditionary force. They passed over the evidence of Bleys’s son Vidar’s brutal tactics as they continued their journey.

Princeps Ariston welcomed the Amberites’ arrival in Regnum and arranged a welcoming dinner with the Imperator Bleys. Also in attendance was Principessa Corynne, Judoc, Amelia, and Shaye. The meal was interrupted when Corryne was poisoned by a mystical elixir and nearly perished but for the medical skills of Astrid, with the mystical assistance of Kether.

After the meal several family members went to the labyrinthine rose garden, the center of which contained the Pattern of Regnum. Genevieve walked the pattern to attune herself to Regnum. Julessia followed after and quickly found she was not ready to walk the pattern. Naxximurutish, Hector, and Ariston each followed after in an attempt to save her. Selfeen used a trump to pull Julessia off the pattern, but not without cost. Kether was barely able to prevent the pattern from destroying her. Medical attention quickly arrived and Astrid attempted to stabilize her, however Naxx brought her into shadow instead.


  • Who is the imprisoned woman?
  • What powers does the Gryphon’s Eyrie grant?
  • Who or what is Patches, and why did he want to kill Saul?
  • What is the import of the statues?
  • Why did Patches poison Corryne?

What is next?

  • In a vision Hector saw the mountain fortress from which the poison came.
  • Fiona rules from the sunken city of Atlantis.


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Chapter 1 • Transition
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