It turns out that letting a glorified horse choose the ruler of the universe was a mistake. It worked for the short term, saving us from endless infighting after the Patternfall War. However in the long run, it has doomed us.

Random is not a bad king, but he is not a strong one. And by the time we learned this it was too late. The second chaos war has lasted twenty three years. Twenty three long and terrible years, while our dominion over shadow has been contested at every turn. Perhaps if Corwin or Eric still lived it would be different, either may have been able to lead us through this. But alas both fell long ago.

The bell tolls for our great city. News has came that the royal family of Rebma has joined Chaos. Much of the golden circle has already fallen. We will defend the city to the last, however our children have become targets and we can no longer protect them. And so they must be sent to Bleys.

I don’t pretend to understand the details in bridging the gulf between our universes. It took all of us, acting in concert to open the way. The children will be safe there. Random says when the war is over we can bring them home.

I am content they are alive.

The last entry in the journal of Julian Blackhand

The Crimson Crown

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