Naxximurutish's wife


“He killed the beast before my final stroke, saving me from a minor wound, yet he thought he had done much more. When I looked into his eyes I knew he was young, barely a hundred and some change, but there was something more inside of them, a power that I at once feared and respected.”


Thick red hair in twintails whipped out behind her, complementing her pale skin. Crimson eyes spoke of uncountable years lived, while her face seemed that of a female still reveling in her youth. A birthmark resembling a dragon coiled down her left arm, which held a katana sheath. Her white cheongsam fluttered in the wind, her family crest displayed proudly on its back. The katana held in her right hand showed the end of a perfect strike, and whatever foe was once before now lay dead.

-Naxx describing his wife’s Trump.

Homeshadow: Marr
Personality Traits: Wise, Instructive, Exacting, Loyal.
Colors: White and red.
Likes: Order, Power, Wise rulers, Respect.
Dislikes: Ignorance, Abuse and Withholding of knowledge, Slavery.
Quotes: “When you burn like the sun, always be careful to cast a shadow on those you love.”


Born and raised on the shadow world Marr, Selfeen bore the mark of dragon on her arm, as was to be expected since her family had bore the mark for a hundred generations.

After a thousand years or so, Selfeen had enough of her relatives abuse of power. They had ruled Marr for so long they’d become corrupt. She left her family behind and wandered the world alone.

Eventually, while slaying a wild Griksnarl, she came across Naxximurutish, who mistakenly thought he had saved her life in the battle. Truthfully, she would have come away with minor wounds. Still, she did not begrudge the help of a random stranger. What was more, she could see there was something different about the unmarked man that stood before her.

Ten years later, Naxx, Selfeen, and an army composed of various marks with low status and men gathered from shadow by Naxx, marched upon the capital fortress. A bloody war that lasted for three years ensued, but in the end the corrupted families were purged, including Selfeen’s own. A new order was established based off of merit rather than birthmark, and Selfeen reluctantly took the title of Empress President.

After a decade there was true peace as the guilds formed, and Selfeen found time to do what she liked. She married Naxx and had a daughter named Julessia, and for sixteen years they have managed to keep the shadow more or less free of Chaos influence.

Selfeen is thousands of years old, and is never content idling about. She now splits her time between her position as Empress President and as a mother and wife…of Amberites.


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