“Walking the pattern was the hardest thing I’d ever done. Although going on dates comes in a close second.”


Her blonde hair trailed behind her as a spear plunged through a dragon’s head. Her polished armor shimmered in the light of a dying world’s sun. Her eyes held a fierce intelligence that told those who beheld her she was not another pretty face, but a cunning warrior ready to fight for what she believed in.

-Naxx describing his daughter’s Trump.

Homeshadow: Marr
Personality Traits: Determined, Caring, Curious, Adventureous.
Colors: Silver and red.
Likes: Dragon hunting, Exploring, Boys.
Dislikes: Abuse of authority. Being cold.
Quotes: “I’m not boy crazy, I just want to pick out the best one from them all.”


Raised on the shadow of Marr, Julessia has lived a productive life for a sixteen year old. Her father took her on many trips through shadow, though always avoiding any confrontation with Chaos.

Naxx and her mother Selfeen raised Julessia to be a kind person, but to only give trust to those who deserve it. Because of her dad’s affinity for Trump she spent much time journeying from shadow world to shadow world, relying on the relative safety of Trump traveling. This gave her a deep sense of adventure and curiosity, wanting to constantly learn everything about everyone.

At sixteen she walked the pattern, and later in that year slew her first dragon with a spear her father made for her, which was then named Dragondeath.

For safety concerns she has been kept secret from most of the Amber family.

She is currently seeing a shadow boy named Josh, but it seems the trip to Regnum may separate them from each other.


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